Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Children Crave Structure and Boundaries

We all try to not repeat the specific mistakes our parents made.  The ones that are our own pet peeves.  

I think the over-scheduling of extra-curricular activities and reward charts that today's soccer-moms are fond of would probably be much preferable to an angry mother like mine with ADD who never followed through on anything and used religion as an excuse not to have to provide very much entertainment or material things for her child.  

I sure would have welcomed a little organization and recognizable boundaries to bring sanity to my upbringing.  It was all the senseless, rigid, stupidity with nothing whatsoever to back it up and no reward system of any kind that drove me over the edge and made me a wild, out-of-control twenty-something.

The underlying message in my immediate family seemed to be, that authority is to be defied and tradition is worthless.  My parents philosophy seemed to scream that "NOTHING is as it is advertised," and "the rules do not apply to us, they are only for other people because we are above such things as conforming to society."

To this day, I crave tradition because it was withheld from me.